Rescue - Resist and Rescue

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Rescue is the natural result of a habit of resistance.

The specifics of it will look different from one person to another and from one instance to another, but the core of it- Jesus being glorified- will be undeniable.

In some situations rescuing may look like an encouraging text, a prayer offered for a stranger, milk delivered to a doorstep, or any of a number of what we may dismiss as "small" things. At the other end of the spectrum is storming the very gates of hell and being willing to stay up as long as necessary to minister and deliver someone bound and afflicted by the enemy.

What this looks like in your life and home may vary from month to month or over the course of several years. Use the gifts and the passions that the Holy Spirit has gifted to you for the edification and encouragement of those around you, and if something doesn't work out the way you had envisioned, do not give up.
Take for example, ministering on sidewalks outside of abortion clinics. Created Equal and the Salt and Light Brigade are both known to not only offer training on how to do this, but also have regular events where they put that training to use. Neither of them however, have locations all over despite the need. Perhaps your resistance looks like obtaining training, working towards proficiency, and taking it to a location that is in need, to find other like-minded individuals to fight for the pre-born.

Perhaps you've always dreamed of being a writer and presenting commentary on world events from a biblical perspective. Wisconsin Christian News was established with the mission "To publish the voice of thanksgiving and tell of Thy wondrous works." (Psalm 26:7). Additionally, Real Dark News, a side-project of Through the Black, was established to shine a light in the darkness (Ephesians 5:11) and present a biblical perspective.

There are many ministries out there that have discovered their own niche. We would encourage you to seek them out and become involved. But at the same time, we know that does not always work out. Should it not work, perhaps establishing your own ministry- whatever that may look like- is the step to take. All we ask is that you stay in the fight.
Or perhaps you already spend time on social media and are looking for ways to redeem the time spent there. Vicki Joy presented an idea in the clip left, excerpted from the show dated April 5, 2022.

There are a myriad of opportunities out there, but not each of those opportunities is right for everyone. Just as each body has various body parts- each of those parts have special functions. When an ear tries to taste food, it doesn't work out well and the ear may up injured. The ear may have been eager to help, but the opportunity was not a right fit.

As for you, not everything you try will be a correct fit. Stay in prayer, and keep in the fight, and let Jesus put you right where you are supposed to be.
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